Triple wall coffee cups

StyplePac offers a range of triple wall coffee cups. With the cheapest prices around our 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz paper cups are the highest quality triple wall coffee cups. With our range of sizes and colours, we aim to suite your paper coffee cup needs that best represent your brand and coffee.

StylePac paper coffee cups are made using 3 layers of paper. The inner layer is encased in a wax liner that prevents unwanted seepage and ensures the cup stays intact. The 2 outer layers are corrugated. These air gaps help prevent heat transfer from the beverage to the customer’s hands; making your customers have a more enjoyable experience with both your coffee and your company.

Triple wall paper coffee cups are designed to keep your liquids hotter for longer. Allowing your customers to enjoy the taste of your coffee well after it’s been poured. With its three layers of insulation, these paper coffee cups have an extremely high rate of heat protection, adding extra comfort for your customers.

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